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NPR has three strategies to be successful. One of these strategies is to focus on on local coverage. In a world of dying media sources (newspapers especially) NPR feels it is very important to focus on local happenings in order to peak the interest of local media consumers. I think that this is a good idea because if you focus on the locals, it will peak their interest because they are directly affected by the information that is being put out.

The second strategy is to focus on social media. I think that this is also a good idea especially for getting in touch with local audiences, particularly the youth. So many people use social networking to stay in touch with current events. For example, when Michael Jackson died, so many people were using Twitter to alert their followers of his death, Twitter crashed. If NPR can find a way to harness social media, they will have the attention of a lot of people.

The third approach to media domination is that NPR make sure their information is available in a variety of ways. This allows people to choose how they want their information and when and where they get it.

In relation to my blog, i could blog about local events and news. I could post the link on my Twitter or Facebook to get the info out there in more ways. I think that applying these tactics would make my blog more popular and enjoyable for my readers.


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