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Commute Process Flow Chart

I made this chart to show the steps in commuting from Pleasant Hill Bart to SF State. I have found that no matter what I do to leave early or plan my trip ahead of time, something almost always goes wrong. On the bright side, at least something new happens everyday: an unintentional day off because I can’t park my car or choosing to take the MUNI instead of the SF State Shuttle. While looking for photos for this infogrpahic, I came across a blog spot for commuters that I found interesting. I like being able to read that other commuters go thorough the same problems as me.

(Click for full-size image) This is a flow chart showing my steps in the morning on my commute to school. (Photo courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons)



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Current Gas Prices

I have noticed, especially this week , that gas prices have been slightly decreasing. I know that usually gas prices increase around the holidays but it seems that they are doing this opposite this year. I am hoping that this trend continues, but in a much sharper down turn. While researching for my chart, I came across this gas price predictor. Although it is not official and it isn’t down to the exact city, I think it would be a useful tool for purchasing gas.

This chart shows the gas price trend from Sept. 2009 to this week. (Images from Flikr Creative Commons)

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SF State Journalism Students [X]press Themselves

We take photographs, we produce, we get stories, we argue, we celebrate, we meet sources, we party. Being an SF State journalism student is like following a strict schedule everyday that somehow always manages to be flexible. Everyday on an [X]press publication is different but the same as the last: stories change, we have too many ads, we have too many photos, we have a design problem, we have an editor disagreement, we have a small paper, we have a late magazine, we have slideshows, we don’t have features. The list goes on and on and it all happens on deadline.


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A Closer Look at My Town


A view of Concord, CA from Peacock Creek. (Photo By: Ashley McDonald)

Concord, CA is a larger suburban city close to freeways, BART stations and mountains. I have lived here my entire life and a lot has changed: The quarry is expanding, the Lime Ridge Open Space is shrinking, the Smoke Stack has been demolished, and my old high school has a fence around it. According to the Concord website, Concord is the largest city in Contra Costa County and the population has been and will continue to rise over the next 10 years. With the population of 121,780 expanding, it is no wonder that changes are and will continue to happen.

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