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Journalism Job

I have chosen the  Wall Street Journal Online editor position. I chose it because although my online skills need some definite improvement, it sounded the most interesting to me. I will have to learn HTML and feel comfortable with creating slideshows and other online media components. I will also need to have a clear definition of what an infographic is.

In order to acquire these skills I will stay enrolled in this class as well as experiment with the things we do in class on my own. I also plan on taking Photo V to learn video skills and Visual Storytelling to enhance my abilities to clearly communicate a story through visual elements.

As for my reasons for studying journalism…I am no longer sure. I have always enjoyed taking photos and writing so I joined the yearbook and the school paper in high school. I enjoyed them both so much that I changed my major from English to Journalism thinking that I could get out there and be a real photojournalist. Now that I have been in the major for three years, I am realizing that this isn’t what I want to do. I don’t have a passion for journalism like I thought I did. I prefer to work with people more personally for weddings, portraits, small events, etc. I think that only three things that are keeping me in this major are my desire to graduate, the ability to take pictures for homework, and the hope that my passion might be reignited if I keep trying new things. I will say that although I don’t see myself working in the journalism field after I graduate, learning what I have has helped my writing and my photography skills which is important to me not matter what.

To me, journalism means “getting in there” and learning the most truthful side of life. It means using natural curiosity to broaden the general point of view. Even if I don’t want to go into the field, these are two things that are very important to me and that I have a great respect for.


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