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Recchiuti Chocolate Makes Environmentally-Friendly Ingredients Rich and Creamy

While I was in the the Ferry Building on Saturday, I came across a small chocolate store that my friend had mentioned, Recchiuti. She said it was quite possibly the most tasty chocolate she had ever tasted, so naturally I wanted to try some. I tried truffles and hot chocolate and caramels and much more. More than I should have tasted. I was talking to one of the employees when I found out that not only is she a chocolate maker, but she is also an SF State student. We met up and talked about what makes their chocolate so special and I was surprised to find that the ingredients are mostly local and that they are grown in environmentally conscious ways. She would not divulge the secret recipes but she did say that it is the lack of preservatives and organic ingredients that make the chocolate so delicious. I found it to be very interesting because when I think about what goes into chocolate, I never think about where the ingredients come from, I just think of chocolate.


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