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Baby Survives Train

This video that I found on highly disturbed me. I recently dropped my phone onto the BART tracks and although it was alright, the only thing I could think while I saw my phone, my lifeline, slip onto the man-killing BART tracks was “OH MY GOD!?! WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITHOUT THAT!!!???”

That being said, imagine watching your baby fall, head first onto train tracks and then have a train run over and stop right on top of it. That would be exponentially worse than my phone, obviously. Luckily, this baby survived.

I have heard so many stories of babies falling off of mountains or buildings and surviving, unscathed. I have heard that this is because babies lack the ability to tense up when they know they are going to fall or recieve pain like adults do, so they remain looser and therefore hit the ground softer. As for the train child, this was just luck.


October 20, 2009 - Posted by | Random Musings

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