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As I still have not established a theme for my blog, I have been surfing the web for something interesting. Today, for the first time ever, I came across I searched my home area code, 925, and laughed for about thirty minutes. For this posting I would like to pull out a couple of my favorites.

–> (925): Woman walking into toby keith concert: 8 months pregnant, black eye, shirt on that has a picture of a boot and the words “we’ll put a boot up your ass” with an american flag printed over–the sleeves were ripped off and she had a camo cowboy hat. Greatest thing I’ve ever seen.

This is a favorite of mine because I remember when this concert happened. The Sleeptrain Pavilion, formerly the Concord Pavilion, is in a part of Concord, CA that is right on the cusp of urban-suburban and rural-suburban. This of course means that based on the type of concert, it brings out a certain demographic. The woman described in this text is one that most likely comes from Clayton, the neighboring rural-ish area next to the Pavilion. I am pretty sure that I have seen about 5 other women matching this description in a local “saloon” when I don’t have enough money to go to the Walnut Creek bars.

–>(925): im in an endless cycle of being too hung over to eat all day…then getting too drunk because i didnt eat anything. where is my life going?

My second favorite of the day is this text. I love it because I am pretty sure I know who sent it. I love it when people stumble over little nuances in their life and confess through texting. This should be the logo tee-shirt for many of the people I graduated with. I have noticed that the class of 2006 has had quite a few problems with motivation. Many of us didn’t want to go to school or went to school and have since dropped out. Others moved out of their parent’s house and went crazy on their substance-use freedom. I felt like this for a little while a couple years ago. It’s hard to break a cycle when you have no idea what to break it with.

Although I initially laughed at this website and its content, it is a good reflection of the commonalities that we experience not only by area code, but by being a part of the constantly texting community. Although I am not proud of many of the texts I have sent or received, we are all tied together through the hot messes that we can be.


September 21, 2009 - Posted by | Random Musings


  1. This is a hilarious Web site. Thanks for sharing. A favorite from my area code is: “you can’t get genital warts from dogs can you?”

    Comment by Allyson Beutke DeVito | October 2, 2009 | Reply

    • hahaha that’s pretty bad

      Comment by Ashley | October 3, 2009 | Reply

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